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Graphic Designer  |  Logo Designer

Designed the studio's new logo based on the client's needs and expectations. So that, the office set and other related office products were designed regarding the changes in colors and patterns

About the Project

Bellart Studio is an architecture and design company located in Tehran, Iran, and I was working in this company in 2020 as an architect. When the employer decided to change the name and logo, we were asked to provide our alternatives. Therefore I conducted some etudes and one of my concepts won among other colleagues' etudes. Because, I was able to understand our client's taste in forms and design, since he, as a businessman, needed a luxurious form in the logo to present his work. So I had the responsibility to design the final logo and office set for the studio.


1 Graphic Designer


Sep 2018


Adobe Illustrator 



Designing brand and office set as the employee in the company

My Role & Responsibilities

Designed and drew the logo

Designed the office set

Design Process


First, I had a few meetings with the client to go over their business categories such as building construction and their expectation of the logo.  I found the best way to maintain the authenticity of the logo alongside its simplicity would be to use the letter “B” . By making several attempts at drawing different sketches, I finally settled on some ideas and selected one as the final etude to continue.

         Hand Sketch


         Digital Etudes












Selected Concept

The fourth alternative was selected by the client which was expected. Then was the time to work on the details and the thickness of the circular lines since they needed to be shown in different materials and scales.


Final Design

The client wanted to have orange as the secondary color and circular lines to represent the diversity of the different projects the company has been involved in. I’ve researched and experimented with different colors as the base colors, and the "green blue" was selected which matched with “orange” to create a contrast Furthermore, I used the same inspiration for the logo and designed the custom branded promotional office products.

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