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Logo Designer  |  Book Layout Designer  |  Illustrator

Designed the committee's logo based on psychological research on colors and children's behavior. Designed the training book layout ordered by the committee and requested by Unicef 

About the Project

The Logo was requested by the "Child Wellbeing and Welfare Committee". The challenge was that the logo should be able to convey the message of trust to children, in form and colours. Hence, research on the psychology of colours and forms was conducted before starting the design process.

Also after the logo stage, as part of this local community, a training book was designed and implemented to prevent child maltreatment, in the context of COVID-19, Ministry of Health and Medical Education and Social Welfare Management Research Center which was requested by UNICEF in Tehran.​


1 Graphic Designer


Aug 2019 (Logo)

Sep 2019 to Oct 2019 (Book)


Adobe Illustrator (Logo)

Indesign (Book)


Designing brand and documents for a newly established committee

My Role & Responsibilities

Conducted research on the form and color

Designed and drew the logo

Designed the book's pages layout and cover

student Book_Page_11.jpg

Design Process

Word Cloud

One of the main challenges of any design project is understanding the client’s expectations and articulating the project vision. My clients for the “Child Wellbeing and Welfare Committee” logo project were a team of psychologists. After my initial meeting with them, it was evident to me that each of them had a different idea of what the logo should represent. Hence, to make sure everyone gets heard, I came up with the idea to ask each committee member to write down a few words describing the meaning of the committee to them. Then, I generated the word cloud to visually represent their visions.

Word Art9.png

         Hand Sketch

With an idea of the client's idea, I picked the two popular and yet graphic words: “child” and “leaf”. After a few etude designs, my final design for the logo emerged. I’ve also used the logo to design their customized letterheads and the brand book.

child1 .jpg

         Digital Etudes




Selected Concept

After getting feedback from the clients, the second alternative was selected to continue. The reason was that the first concept couldn't be related to the teenage age group, which was the committee's aim to extend their team in future.


Final Design

Logo color was one of the essential parts of the design, which requires more psychological research. After talking to the committee, I understood that the committee's main purpose was for children to feel secure. Hence, I needed to research the best color that suited the main purpose.  So I found out the best color that helps children, specifically endangered ones, to feel secure is "blue, " which has a soothing effect. I picked green as the secondary color to be perceived as the children’s growth and hope for the future.

child committee logo.png

Book Layout Design

Since the book was prepared for children to learn and train with their team and peers, I tried to make it appealing for them to follow, and the puzzle was the ideal concept to present it. So the whole layout and all details were designed with puzzle features. Also, the sharp colors had chosen to make it attractive for children to follow the instructions. Here are some pages as an example of an 80-page book. Each page has its layout. I should mention that the book is published in Farsi.

student Book_Page_28.jpg
student Book_Page_06.jpg
student Book_Page_58.jpg
student Book_Page_52.jpg
student Book_Page_22.jpg
student Book_Page_09.jpg
student Book_Page_73.jpg
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