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Virtual Reality Experience

Action Design  |  3D Modeling  |  Scene Design

Designed a unique experience using VR headset and let the user to interact with the dark environment with a flashlight in hand, by playing with the shapes and shadows

About the Project

We designed a blank black canvas to let the user experience the same as when they close their eyes to imagine an unreal or surreal environment.  In other words, through this journey, our goal is to create a scenery that put the user in a situation to enjoy the mystery in a unique environment and not specifically reach a destination. This is the distinction from other VR games. Moreover, our goal is to create a meaningful interaction through emotions and Insight. Hence, everyone has a specific experience depending on their perception to complete the puzzle.


Four members; 1 Visual Design, 1 Sound Design, 1 Action Design, 1 Developer


2022, one month


Unreal Engine, 


Oculus Quest 2

My Role & Responsibilities

Created the Key actions 

Designed the levels

Built the scene and some of the 3d models

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